When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’re all wanting to impress our significant other, or impress ourselves. Whether that means wearing a new fragrance or wearing a whole new outfit, the options are endless. The thing that’s fun about fashion and accessories for the holidays is that you can play it up a bit, or keep it more subdued with touches that allude to the occasion. This first outfit is the perfect effortless outfit for a night out or a day out that is subdued, yet classic. 

Outfit 1:

A houndstooth patterned cardigan with a pair of high-rise jeans with some comfortable, yet cute boots is a great staple outfit. Plus, one of the best parts about houndstooth is that it is a classic print, and has a retro feel to it. Having a houndstooth piece in your collection is a staple because you can dress it up with a skirt and some tights for the winter, or you can dress it a little more casual with jeans and some boots if that’s more your style. Pair the outfit with a cute dainty heart necklace and you’ve got a great subtle outfit. It’s classic, comfortable, and has a little touch of Valentine's Day with the cute, dainty heart necklace! 

Outfit 2:

For those who are looking to dress it up a bit, this next outfit will be perfect for that occasion. What color do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Red! Pairing an outfit with a pop of red will add that touch of Valentine’s Day. This long sleeve top is a perfect way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans. Doing this will feel more subtle, but the red top will make the outfit feel more dressy! Adding jewelry is the fun part– accessorizing with these white ceramic rings and a cute pair of stud earrings is all you need for this outfit. These stud chain link earrings are a great way to add a bit of edge to a classic, more dressy outfit. Adding a pair of cute heels or heeled booties will take this outfit to the next level! 

Those are two of the different types of outfits we love for Valentine’s Day! One is more comfortable, cute, and effortless, whereas the other one is a bit more elevated, but still cute, comfortable, and festive! 

February 01, 2022 — Allison Theken

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