Spring is almost here and we are so excited! Spring is a great time for a reset and a great time for fashion. Fashion trends are growing more and more each year and it seems like this year, there are a few that we would like to call out. 

Pastel Colors

Pastels are always going to be a staple trend to fall back on during the spring. This year, especially, pastels are being bumped up a notch with more vibrancy and more charisma. There are ways to add pastels to your collection, whether it’s a statement bag or a cute pullover. The opportunities are endless with this trend and will be a trend every spring. 

Vacay All Day

The trend that seems to be in talks and popping up already is the “vacation” type of style. Think flowy clothes, fun patterns, and something that you could bring with you to change into after the beach or pool. A nice flowy, button-down top with a pair of comfy yet stylish linen pants is the perfect way to style this trend. Swap out the pants for a maxi skirt and a long sleeve shirt for a sleeveless top or add a fun patterned top. 

The Trench Vibe

Trench coats are the perfect coat for winter and for the cooler months, but trench coats are popping up this year for spring. These are typically lightweight and something that will be perfect for a cooler spring night out. A staple long jacket like this one is the perfect trench vibe and will add a fashionably effortless style to a comfortable basic outfit like a t-shirt and a pair of staple skinny jeans.

Oversized is the Way to Go

Oversized clothes have made a resurgence over the last few years, but it’s not just oversized t-shirts, it’s turning into an oversized movement. Wearing an oversized button-up gives a spin on a classic, fitted style. This type of outfit will be best complete with a pair of your favorite pair of pants


The great thing about trends is that there will always be one that is attainable for everyone and one that will be easy for you to incorporate into your everyday fashion. What trend is your favorite? 

March 02, 2022 — Allison Theken

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