Chance and Allie M - Store Dog - Boutique Owner

Hi Ladies!  Thank you for checking out Allie M Designs Boutique online store!  

How I got started...... A little about me. I have always been interested in jewelry....... since childhood, I started collecting sterling silver and gold charms to add to my charm holder.

In 1999 I moved to California and discovered a passion for creating accessories. I graduated with my BA in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2004. After graduation, I moved back to Ohio and took a few classes in metal smithing while pursuing a Masters in Education. I gained some metals techniques which have helped me to combine my love for jewelry and passion for creating it. 

Allie M's designs have always revolved around resin, epoxy, found objects, and vintage style. My first designs were pet accessories, then colored resin, cut-outs, initials, symbolic herb collection and now the Organics collection.

After 2 years of opening the store in downtown Akron, I moved the store to Fairlawn, Ohio (my dream location).  Now Allie M. Designs consists of jewelry, accessories and Allie's favorite apparel.  

I have always loved clothes and fashion!  As times changed and got busier I have found that my focus has been more on the fashion aspect of my business.  The clothes, tops, tunics, and denim are carefully curated around my sense of style as well as my customers needs and wants. 

You will find that our clothes are consistently based on comfort and confidence.  I believe that every woman should be her authentic self.  In order to be herself she needs to feel good in her own skin, in turn in her clothes.  If her clothes fit right, and / or conceal the parts of her body that make her feel self conscious she will be more confident and feel more beautiful.  

What can we help you find?  Email or chat with us to find your ideal outfit!  

xoxo, Allie