Jennifer Stacking Gold Rings

$24.00 $48.00

  • Jennifer Stacking Gold Rings
  • Sparkle Your Style: These rings are like little bursts of magic for your fingers. 
  • Perfect for Everyday: Wear these rings every day. 
  • Stainless Steel Magic: The rings are made from super strong stainless steel. 
  • Gold Plated Beauty: The rings have a shiny gold color. It's like having jewelry that shines and sparkles, just like you!
  • CZ Stone Sparkle: There are tiny sparkly things on the rings. 
  • Stackable Fun: You can wear one, two, or all three rings together. 
  • Mix and Match Magic: Mix these rings with other jewelry. 
  • Fabulous Gift: These rings are a fantastic gift for a special occasion.
  • Ready to Dazzle: The rings are a set of three, ready to dazzle your fingers. 
  • Pair with Allie Necklace: Style these rings with our Allie single stone necklace.