Margot Hexagon Ring


  • Magical Margot Hexagon Ring
  • Enchanting Design: This ring is like a magical spell for your finger. It's shaped like a hexagon – a super cool and unique shape!
  • Gold-Plated Sparkle: The ring is covered in gold. It's like wearing a piece of treasure that's super shiny and sparkly!
  • Sterling Silver Magic: The ring is made from sterling silver. 
  • Black Enamel Charm: There's something called enamel on the ring, and it's black. 
  • Bezel-Set CZ Stone: The ring also has a sparkly stone. 
  • Choose Your Size: You can get this ring in size 8 or 9.
  • Wear It Your Way: Put the ring on your middle finger or pointer finger. 
  • Complete the Look: There's also a Margot hexagon necklace. 
  • Ships in a Flash: Your magical ring will fly to you in just 24 hours from Akron, Ohio. It's like getting a magical delivery from a wizard!