If Ye Have Faith As A Mustard Seed Charm Necklace


  • 24mm Gold & Silver Faith Charm - Unlock Possibilities!
    • Beautifully Made:
      • Created from strong stainless steel
      • Shiny gold finish that stays pretty for a long time
    • Stays Safe Around Water:
      • Won't get hurt by water
      • Wear it whenever you like, even in the rain
    • Means Something Special:
      • Carries a strong message about having faith
      • Even a little faith can make big things happen
    • Fits with Any Style:
      • Just the right size at 24mm
      • Looks good with any kind of clothes or other jewelry
      • Charm and Chain option: Chain 16" - 18"
    • Shipping: Ships within 24hours from Akron, Ohio.