Crescent Necklace - Large


    • Elevate Your Look with the Glamorous Crescent Necklace!
    • Stunning Accessory: This necklace is like a star in your outfit, making you look super fancy without even trying.
    • Dazzling Crystal Pendant: Imagine a crystal that shines bright, hanging from a beautiful crescent. 
    • Capture Attention: When you wear this necklace, everyone will look and say, "Wow!" 
    • Key Features:
      • Stainless Steel Brilliance: The necklace is made from super strong steel with shiny gold plating.
      • Adjustable Chain: You can make the necklace longer or shorter. 
      • Versatile Simplicity: This necklace is simple but super elegant. It goes with everything! 
    • Sparkle and Versatility: Make your style shine with the Crescent Necklace. 
    • Shipping: Ships within 24 hours from Akron, Ohio.