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Enjoy the look of this QUDO basic ring in a thinner organic style ring. 

If your looking for a ring to add to your stacking rings this basic fine ring is the best for stacking.  You can probably fit atleast 5-6 of these fine rings onto one finger, along with adding QUDO gemstones on top. 

Are you NEW to shopping QUDO? Qudo Interchangeable jewelry features RING bases (rings with holes to thread your qudo topper) and RING toppers (gemstones with a screw type fix on the bottom that screws into the RING base).  

QUDO INTERCHANGEABLE RING FINE is a NEW addition to our QUDO RING collection. The BASIC FINE ring is wide enough to ATTACH a QUDO TOPPER, but a little more narrow on the back side allowing you the comfort to STACK more comfortably.  

  • Measurements: 3mm width at the widest (TOP), 2mm at the narrowest (BOTTOM).
  • Fine Ring but strong

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