Axiom Charm - Sterling Silver - Arrow - Waxing Poetic

$20.00 $25.00

Small but mighty, our Axiom Charm Collection proves that words can transcend a life from one moment in time to impart timeless wisdom of the past to us today. Axioms, one-part poetry and one-part principle, are vessels for truth. Layer any among the six symbols of this collection and pair with our Epiphany, Minuet or Baby Ball Chains, Influencer Earrings, or clip-able bracelets and necklaces. (note: charms do not fit all chains) ARROW Cast in sterling silver and dressed in bright Kristal crystals, our Arrow Axiom Charm celebrates the shimmering victories of our lives. Those times when momentum and the arrival of purpose have flown like a swift arrow to its chosen mark. Pair with the Heart Axiom Charm. Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals .50” AXM2SS-ARW