Alexa Dainty Necklace

$20.00 $38.00

  • 📿 Super Cool Design: The necklace has a gold plated chain that's like a cool superhero, and it has a rectangle pendant that makes it look extra awesome.
  • 🎉 For Every Party or Regular Day: Whether you're going to a big party or just hanging out, this necklace is perfect for any occasion. 
  • 🌟 Super Strong Gold Plating: The necklace is coated with super strong gold plating. 
  • 🤩 Feel Super Fancy: When you wear this necklace, you'll feel like a movie star or a princess. 
  • 🚀 Ships from Akron, Ohio: Your amazing necklace will zoom to you from Akron, Ohio, making sure it reaches you super fast! 🌎📦