A whole new look at exfoliating your feet!

So, a few weeks ago I was rummaging through my bathroom drawers looking for some face cleanser.  Then I went off the beaten path and found random face masks from Ulta and a square thin box to do something with feet.  So, I tossed the face masks aside and went further into discovering this package I found for feet.  Let’s just say that my feet were in need of some #selfcare. Later that evening I explored further into this package. Reading the directions very carefully I opened the box. 

Baby foot exfoliant for feetSeveral of my customers had said "watch out, your feet are going to peel" and "it's addictive".  So being a little nervous I opened the package and slipped the little plastic booties onto my feet and tied them off with tape at the top.  (Let soak for an hour) After an hour or so I jumped into the shower and slipped my booties off my feet.  The result NOTHING.  I was thinking hmm this did nothing.  After a couple of days, I noticed my feet started to flake and then bam before I knew it my feet were a full on flaky mess.  Talk about addictive.  I could not stop peeling my feet. Baby Foot exfoliating peel

I would shower and exfoliate with my handmade Himalayan sea salt scrub then get out of the shower and moisturize. Nope still a flaky mess.  Days went on.  Finally, about 2 weeks later they stopped flaking.  But now I feel like it is time to do it again.  UGH!

Anyone tried this foot exfoliant? I would love to hear your experience. 

My next Baby Foot product that I would like to try is the Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask.  I think this would be extremely beneficial for keeping my feet from being so dry.

 Baby Foot exfoliating foot mask foot scrub ulta products

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May 04, 2020 — Accumula Collaborator

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