The Low Down on Face Masks

So let's get down to the knitty gritty on Face Masks, Face Coverings, Face Protectors, or whatever you want to call them.  I have studied the ins and outs of protective face shields.  

When your a buyer for a boutique you look for cute, fun, trendy, stylish, etc. pieces for your customers. You want your customer to feel feel confident and beautiful in whatever they are wearing. Even if it is a face mask.

Can you imagine wearing a fancy dress the Summer with a face mask? Not too sexy, right? Well, the norm has changed and everything is a little different now. Everyone is going to be wearing a face mask. And so this will be our new normal at-least for a little while.  So, why not jump on board with the trend? Right?

What's Trending?

The mask that has been super trendy and popular for us are the face masks with a filter slot. The Damask Face Mask is one that we had in stock and SOLD OUT super fast.  I assume people love the black and white pattern, adjustable ear straps and filter slot. The other masks just like this one but with different patterns also did very well with our customers. Check out the stars print and floral patterns. 

Check this out!Damask face maskFace Mask Face Covering for Women Filter Slot

carbon filter PM2.5 filter Face Mask 5 layers of protectionFace Mask with Filter slot Face Protection Sanitizer

No Filter Mask

The masks that DID NOT have a filter slot were liked for the fabric print and the 3 layers of protection.

Camo face mask for womenFace Mask for Women - Decorative Face Mask - Face Protection - Sanitize Designer LV Inspired Face Mask - Louis Vuitton Style Print - Women's Face Mask

The butterfly pattern and the designer LV pattern mask were a huge rave with many people. 

Camo print has 3 layers and a filter slot can be added to this handy surgical techniques with an exact-o knife.  Why not make your own filter slot?

What's New?

New to our Face Mask inventory is the Antibacterial Protective Face Mask with Silver Ion Technology.  WOW! This one had some literature to it! Very fascinating and I definitely had to dive into this one head first. After reading, researching and sharing this literature I found a MASK that did NOT need a filter, the filter is in the mask itself. This mask has antibacterial properties built into it. The silver ion technology mask is washable up to 50x's. Guys, this is an awesome face mask!  One of my favorites is the dog print pattern. I love dogs so of course this one came up in my first 5 favorites. 

dog face mask face protection for womensilver ion technology antibacterial mask

Antibacterial face mask for women face protection filtering maskThese antibacterial face masks are available in adult and children's patterns.

Silver Ion Technology Protective Filtering Face Mask No Filter Needed Antibacterial Silver Ion Technology Protective Filtering Face Mask Antibacterial Sanitizing

Silver Ion Technology Antibacterial Face Mask Protective Filtering Mask

Silver Ion Technology Antibacterial Protective Filtering Face Mask Sanitizing

May 05, 2020 — Accumula Collaborator

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