You really don't want to miss our NEW arrival!

Seriously, a NEW jewelry collection that we absolutely LOVE! 18kt. gold plated, hypoallergenic, stainless steel jewelry suitable for any occasion. ELLIE VAIL Jewelry is absolutely amazing!  This is the first time we have offered it at our store, so upon arrival we were a little curious on how much we would love the jewelry.  Let me tell you that it is exceptional!  High quality, anti-tarnish, water-resistant jewelry pieces that can pair with any of your daily outfits.

Let's begin with my absolute favorite piece! The NOAH RING! Of the two rings shown in the photo the NOAH ring is the widest ring.  It does pair nicely with the MORRISON RING. What makes the NOAH ring so special? The wide band and thicker design. When I ordered these ring I had to order one for myself.  I have worn my ring for a week now and it has held up to high standards.  With washing my hands 100 x’s a day and cleaning constantly this ring did not tarnish and the gold is still as bright as the day I put it on.


The next favorite Jewelry piece besides all of the gold rings are the 18kt. Gold earrings! The basic everyday styles are light weight and hypoallergenic, so those of us with sensitive ears can wear these earrings without itchy, break out earlobes and neck. 🎉 

 The Cecile hoop earrings are one of my absolute favorites. They are perfect for everyday, especially if you are that go to kinda girl.  The Cecile gold earrings shown photo are also shown with other items from the Ellie Vail Collection.  One of our Best Sellers is the AIMEE ring. This ring has the look of three but is actually only one gold ring. 




Another BEST SELLER is the Londyn Lock Earrings. This earring is light weight and has the cute design of a lock. Whether your headed out to work or going to dinner this earring will go with any outfit.  

Ellie Vail Jewelry - Londyn Lock Gold Earrings

Check out our other amazing pieces from Ellie Vail Jewelry. They are all really fabulous!!!

April 14, 2020 — Allison Theken

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