Face Mask Trends

When I first started to look further into buying masks to keep my customers stylish and safe during this time I truly only wanted the best. During my mask exploration with several of my vendors I found some amazing designer styles, fun printed, big and bulky, serious not so serious (lol), and comfort. 

Honestly, this is a fashion trend that I would never have seen coming. I thought to myself "I can't believe I need to buy face masks to match outfits". We now have a new normal (if we must call it that). The reality has set in and we must make the conscious decision to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. So, if we choose to wear a mask than why not make it fashionable? 

Damask Face MaskThis Damask print face covering has become one of our BEST SELLERS for masks. Available in black (shown) or blue. This face covering features a fun print, adjustable elastic ear straps, M-shaped nose piece that allows for breath-ability and comfort.  Most importantly it offers a slot to add a 5 layer carbon filter for added face protection.

This carbon filter is a flat piece of 4 layers of various cloths and one activated carbon layer. Face Mask Filter with Activated Carbon for Face Protection

A few other styles like the Damask face covering that have been customer favorites are the Spring Floral and Designer Style. 

LV designer style face mask for women.Designer Style Face Mask   Spring Floral Face Mask for Women  Spring Floral Face Mask

Along with this fuller style face mask we have several other options that our customers have seemed to love.  Not everyone chose the filter masks.  Other options are the triple layers masks or the dual layer protection. These masks do not have a filter slot but multiple layer protection. I chose these two prints not only for there functionality but because of the print. Camouflage and leopard have been trending for over a year already if not longer.  I don't see this trend ending anytime soon.  These masks will match nicely with a large assortment of women's wardrobes. 

camo face mask for menCamo Face Mask for Men or Women - $12.50 POLYESTER EXTERIOR, DUAL LAYER COTTON INTERIOR 


leopard women's face maskLeopard Face Mask for Women - $12.50 POLYESTER EXTERIOR, DUAL LAYER COTTON INTERIOR 
What's next in fashion trends for face protection? I have seen several new designs just this week. Not too sure on adapting them, yet. 
Stay tuned for further posts on Trends in women's Face Masks. Sewing your own face mask?
April 28, 2020 — Accumula Collaborator

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