When it comes to self-tanners you never really know what your going to get until it's too late!!! 

Let's see, I have probably used at least 15 different self tanners in my life time of self tanning but only a hand full of them maybe did the job correctly. 

Let's just discuss my favorite!



Why is this one the best self tanner? YOU BRONZE one the best self tanners not only because we sell it but because it has proven to be award winning to me. 

Let me tell you why!

After one application and following the procedures exactly you will have an instant tan, that gets gradually darker throughout the day. You will love the results!

A few features that I love:
  • After drying does not rub off on clothing or sheets.
  • Has a nice scent.
  • No orange color.
  • Hydrating and light weight.
  • Flawless tan that lasts for up to 5 days.
Here are my suggestions on how to use YOU BRONZE self tanner:
  • Watch our videos and read directions prior to tanning.
  • Exfoliate in the shower before using your YOU BRONZE.
  • For application use the YOU BRONZE MITT.
  • Watch our videos on how to apply to your hands and face. (coming soon)
  • Please email or text with any questions you have.

Happy Tanning!!!





April 11, 2020 — Allison Theken

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