Social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, are usually your first look into the upcoming trends. New clothing trends are popularized by influencers who share their new and fresh looks to their fans. With Fall 2021 fast approaching and many people eager to show off the clothes they have been hoarding during quarantine, we are sure to see new trends and styles appearing on social media. 

Brown is the New Black

If you have clicked on Instagram or done any “I’m bored, let’s shop” online shopping in the last month, I am sure you have noticed the new monochromatic brown trend. The rise of the brown clothing trend began during Summer 2021 and since the season of beautiful fall colors and vibrant reds or oranges is approaching, brown is going to be one of the most popular colors for this Fall season. Bella Hadid, the ultimate trend-setter, was recently photographed wearing this stunning chocolate brown, monochromatic pantsuit. 

The Shacket Takeover

You may be thinking to yourself right now, “What in the world is a shacket?” Well, shacket means a shirt jacket. This is something you may find in your dad or grandpa’s closet. A shacket can come in many patterns or fabrics, but the most popular one of this upcoming fall is the plaid shacket. These shirt jackets are not only comfortable and cozy, but they are perfect for fitting into the fall vibes. 

Plaid and Rad Pants

Wide leg plaid pants are giving “That’s so 70s Show” vibes for this Fall. Plaid has always been a Fall favorite, but combine that with the recent dissent for skinny jeans and you have the perfect Fall outfit option. Add a pair of wide leg plaid pants to a simple long sleeve top or sweater and you are Instagram ready at the pumpkin patch this Fall.

Vest of the Best

The sweater vest is BACK, and now your uncle will finally be on trend again after 30 years of wearing one. You will conjure your inner Cher from Clueless when you buy your first sweater vest (or maybe steal it from that very uncle). These vests are typically styled over a button up and paired with a cute mini skirt and pantyhose. Who knew the Gossip Girl reboot would bring back the classic Blair and Serena Upper East Side style? 

It looks like you may have some shopping to do in grandma’s attic this fall! Oversized clothing, monochromatic brown, and plaid seems to be streamlining these Fall 2021 fashion trends, don’t miss out-- check out our online shop or stop in today (or steal from your grandparents) to get an early start on these new trends!

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