DASTI - DASTI Double-sided Reversible Big Top Handle Tote For Women Monogrammed


Durable Monogram Bag The DASTI is the oversized durable tote for women that perfectly suits the needs of everyday life. Essential aesthetics combined with a versatile and functional accessory to accommodate a woman's every need: work, shopping, travel, and many other occasions for daily life! Reversible Handbag with Take advantage of the convenience of a reversible bag with a monogrammed side and the bright orange color of others. Pick the side to suit your mood and your outlook. Ultralight Shopper and Travel Tote The small size and ultralight weight of the bag let pack it into any luggage or backpack and use it when it needs Repellent coat Both sides of this adorable Tote bag made of the Fabric with a repellent coat on it, which allows you to use it in any condition wherever you go, whatever you do.